On every 31st of October Halloween party in local bar is organised by Rotaract Club Kranj. Good live music, scary costumes, poisoned cocktails attract many visitors from the city. Entrance fee goes entirely to charity. This year with collected budged dance performance show was organised, with visiting one of three good men – St. Nickolas and gifts were given to children.

Together with Katja Dance Company, local dance school we organise an event for kinds from low income families. Story was about ecology and thrash. Turtle, Lobster, Octopus, Fish and Oyster live beautiful life doing daily routine. Storm suddenly brings tons of plastic trash. Their life is destroyed. Then sea animals decide to collect all trash and recycle it. Beautiful days are back. Children enjoyed a lot in this educative dance performance. On the end St. Nickolas brought gifts and gave them to each child.

It was beautiful and successful event full of joy, happiness and honest smiles.

We were happy to make fairy December for this kids.

Members of Rotaract Club Kranj

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